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where to buy arsenic powder

The element is a metalloid that exists in infinitesimal amounts in all stone, air, water and soil. It is normally found in the iron arsenic sulfide mineral, arsenopyrite (FeAsS), according to Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Minerals Education Coalition.

Arsenic is a toxic chemical that can cause cancer in humans. Some of the more common ways people are exposed to arsenic are through drinking water, eating food, or ingesting contaminated soil and dust.

Some areas of the country have underground aquifers that naturally contain high levels of arsenic. These aquifers are often found in soil or rock that is buried below ground, and well water pumped from these aquifers can be contaminated with arsenic.

Exposure to large amounts of inorganic arsenic can lead to serious health problems. It can cause kidney and skin tumors, bladder and liver cancer, and other problems.

The most common way people are exposed to inorganic arsenic is through a workplace or home environment where the soil, wood or other contaminated material has been exposed to water. Breathing in air, dust or fumes that contain inorganic arsenic can also be a threat.

Arsenic is absorbed through the skin and can be a hazard for children who play outside in sand and dirt. It can also be a hazard for people who work in industries that process arsenic, such as pesticides or glass making.

The most serious problems with arsenic poisoning occur when people are exposed over long periods of time. The outlook for short-term exposures is good, but chronic exposure can lead to diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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