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is silver carbonate soluble in water?

Silver carbonate is a silver salt and has the chemical formula Ag2CO3. Its density is 6.077gm/cm3 and melting point is 218degC. It is insoluble in aqueous solutions of ethanol and methanol and also acetone.

It is an inorganic salt that contains a +1 charge on each silver atom and a -2 charge on each carbonate atom. The structure of the compound is trigonal planar and has a crystallite size of 20 nm.

The ionic bond between the two elements is very strong and this prevents the silver from being dissolved in water as it does not ionize. It is therefore a poorly soluble salt in water at room temperature.

In nitric acid, silver carbonate dissolves to give a mixture of silver nitrate, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Fetizon’s reagent is made from this salt combined with celite.

It is used in the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols, as a base in C-H bond activation reactions, and as an external base for palladium-catalyzed reactions. It is also used in many organic transformations.

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