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The Vanadium Phosphide is a semiconductor used in high frequency applications. It is also found in lasers and photo diodes. A vanadium phosphide structure data file is available for download and can be imported to most chemistry related software packages.

The Vanadium Phosphide is an inorganic compound containing vanadium, oxygen and phosphate. The molecular weight of the compound is calculated by multiplying the atomic mass of each constituent element by atom count. One of the most important properties of this compound is its ability to stabilize itself against further oxidation. This property makes it useful as a metal alloy additive and a component in batteries.

Vanadium phosphide is a good example of an inorganic compound with a chemical formula that can be easily understood. As a transition metal, it is often used in alloys. Some examples of its uses are in steel additives, photographic phosphors, and a number of other applications. Various types of minerals are found with this compound.

Vanadium is also commonly found in mineral deposits as a hard, ductile transition metal. Its name is derived from the goddess of beauty in Scandinavian mythology. In addition to being a useful metal additive, it is also used as a a catalyst in various chemical reactions. These include the oxidation of alkanes. When mixed with sodium chloride, it forms oxides. This compound also has some basic properties and is a good choice for catalysts in aqueous solutions.

One of the tiniest components of the formula is the phosphate anion. This polyatomic ion derives from the acid, H3PO4. Interestingly, it has 3 arms.

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