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Which property does zinc sulfide have? Zinc Sulfide An inorganic compound, with a chemical composition of ZnS. It appears as a white-to-off-white powder. Zinc sulfuride is stable when dry. If it’s left to oxidize in moist air or in humidity for long periods of time, however, it can deteriorate into zinc sulfide. It is insoluble and can dissolve in dilute inorganic acids, is insoluble with alkali, is insoluble when water is added, has a relative density of 3.98 (d25), 4.102 (type), and is very irritating. Zinc sulfuride is usually obtained through the combination of hydrogen sulfide, zinc salt solution. After being illuminated, it will emit different colors due to the addition of Cu, Mn and Ag as activators in crystal ZnS.

Where is zinc sulfide used?

Zinc sulfide is an important 2 and 6 compound semiconductors. Their outstanding physical characteristics, including wide band gap and high refractive indice, as well as high light transmittance, have drawn great attention. Zinc sulfuride is a good choice for electroluminescence as well as fluorescence. A unique photoelectric effect is possible with nano-zinc. This sulfide has excellent properties in electricity, magnetism as well as mechanics, catalysis, and mechanics. Bhargava’s 1994 report on nano-ZnS-Mn phosphor surface passivation revealed that it not only had an external quantum efficacy of 18% at high temperature, but also had a fluorescence lifespan of 5 orders. It has made a significant improvement in performance, opening up new avenues for ZnS application to materials. Zinc sulfuride is used for paint preparation, painting, paint manufacturing, white opaque glass and filling rubber. Eab Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional Zinc Sulfide company with more than 12 years of experience in chemical product development and research. We can help you find high-quality Zinc Sulfide. Please contact us to send an enquiry.
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