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Difference between activated and modified alumina

It is a highly porous solid with a high surface area. Its microporous, highly dispersed surface is a material with the properties required for catalysis. These include adsorption, surface activity, thermal stability and good thermal resistance.

Activated alumina, which has a porous surface, is in a state of instability and has a large amount of specific surface, has high activity. It is also used in the petrochemical industry, as well as other industries. Because it has good adsorption, activated aluminium can be used for a variety of purposes, including drinking water defluoridation, industrial wastewater coloring and deodorizing, etc. Alumina is used as a fluorine-filter material and has a very long service life.

Modified Alumina: Due to the different physical and chemical characteristics of alumina materials, metals, and polymer materials the wettability and composite quality of each component is poor. The performance of the composite material also falls short of theoretical indicators. The inorganic functional filler modified to be polymer functional is blended into the organic polymer. This improves the wettability at the interface and makes the structure uniform. Moreover, surface coating metal modification on the alumina particle particles can enhance the performance of metal alumina composite materials.

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