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ammonium octamolybdate is an organic compound used in several industries to add flame retardant properties to materials such as plastics and polymerized rubber. It can also be used as an olefin epoxidation catalyst. ammonium octamolybdate can be made from the molybdenum-based coordination compound ammonium dimolybdate (ADM 12), molybdenum trioxide, or a mixture of these.

The process of generating ammonium octamolybdate according to the invention produces a novel isomer of AOM known as X-AOM which has improved functional capabilities compared to other forms of AOM such as a-AOM and b-AOM. It has been determined that X-AOM has better smoke suppression capacities when added to polymer plastics. It has also been shown that X-AOM has a distinctive Raman spectral profile compared to other AOM isomers.

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ammonium octamolybdate, or ammonium heptamolybdate tetrahydrate, is a crystalline compound that has no odor. It is used as an analytical reagent to determine the levels of arsenates, silicates, phosphates, and lead in lakes, rivers and other liquids. It is also an essential nutrient for humans that is included in many multivitamin/mineral products. It is also used as a negative stain for electron microscopy. Some patients require molybdenum injections when their regular diet does not provide enough of this substance.

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