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What’s quartz powder? Also known as silica powder, quartz powder can be found in the same vein as quartz sand. Quartz sand, a wear-resistant, and chemically stable silicate mineral, is hard. It is composed mainly of SiO2. Quartz sand’s color is either milky white (or colorless, and translucent). Quartz sand has an 8 hardness. It is soft and doesn’t cleave. There are no cleavages, shape fractures, or grease luster. It has a density of 2.65. Bulk density (20-200 mesh = 1.5). All its chemical, thermal, mechanical and physical properties show obvious anisotropy. Insoluble in acid. Melting point 1650. The quartz stone from the mine will be processed into a quartz sand product. Quartz sand has a fineness of 120 mesh or less. Quartz powder refers to products that have a fineness greater than 120 mesh.

Use of quartz powder:

The non-metallic fillers play a crucial role in modern polymer materials, such as rubber and plastics. The cost savings of adding non-metallic fillers to polymer bases materials such as quartz can help reduce their costs, while also improving the performance and dimensional stability. This can give polymer material special physical and chemical characteristics. You can get compression resistance, impact resistance or corrosion resistance. Also, you have flame retardancy and insulation. KMPASS, etc. SlEC is a special epoxy mold compound that uses silicon micropowder for filler. This compound has exceptional electrical properties. It’s the preferred material for high-voltage switch and insulators. KMPASS et al. To improve the coating’s thixotropic characteristics, KMPASS et al. added quartz powder. The coating features uniform coating with no cracks and a quick curing process. Liu You and other people added quartz powder and epoxy resin to create a nontoxic epoxy toughened coating that has anti-corrosion functionality. It overcomes some of the weaknesses and inconsistencies found with existing coatings when spraying or brushing at low temperatures. KMPASS, etc. The patent electrical insulation sealing film is prepared using butyl rubber base material with silicon powder. This film provides high insulation strength, insulation, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, plasticity and insulation. It is suitable for the insulation and sealing of exposed wire joints and busbars at 0.410kV voltage. TRUNNANO is also known as. Eab Nano Technology Co. Ltd. (aka. We produce quartz powder with high purity, small particles size, and low impurities. We can help you if the price is lower.
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