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calcium periodate

Iodine is a necessary nutrient for the production of thyroid hormones which regulate metabolic processes. In animals iodine is added as an additive to feed in order to prevent deficiency and to increase the efficiency of the production of these hormones.

This mineral compound is a colourless, white crystalline powder. It is soluble in water and nitric acid but insoluble in ethanol.

It is used in animal husbandry and pharmacology, as an antiseptic and deodorant. It is also used as an oxidant and is added to lotions and ointments for this purpose. It is also used as an iodine supplement in chicken feed.

The Food Chemicals Codex lists over 30 calcium salts, most of which are used as food additives and processing aids to restore losses during processing or add appreciable amounts of nutrient-rich calcium to foods for special dietary purposes such as meal replacements, formulated liquid diets and slimming foods. The majority of these products are produced using calcium carbonate, calcium iodate and/or calcium lactate as their source of calcium.

In addition to the above calcium salts, a variety of other compounds are used as food additives or as processing aids for the preservation, pH adjustment and stabilisation of various foods. These include: dough conditioners such as calcium carbonate, calcium iodate, calcium lactate, and calcium oxide; pH adjusters such as calcium hydroxide and calcium phosphate; antioxidants such as calcium ascorbate; preservatives such as calcium propionate, calcium disodium EDTA and calcium sorbate; anticaking agents such as calcium stearate and calcium alginate; thickeners such as calcium gluconate and calcium alginate; enzyme inhibitors such as calcium thiosulfate and acetic acid.

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