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What exactly is Zirconium Silicide It is important to long-term strategically restructure the zirconium market in China and develop sustainable zirconium materials. zirconium Silicide. It is a grey square crystalline powder. The molecular form ZrSi2 has 147.39 molecular weight and 4.88 physicochemical density. Variable current laser ion-beam gas phase was used to produce nanometre zirconium powder. This method allowed for uniform particle size distribution and high levels of surface activity.

Zirconium Silicide

Preparation Zirconium silicide currently available on the marketplace is mostly made using the direct method. Zirconium Silicide was made from zirconium metallic and silica powder. The mixture was then heated to 1000 900 for prereaction and hydrogen to heat to 1200 to produce the homogenization reaction.

Zirconium Silicide

Zirconium Silicide, inert-gas anti-static packaging should be kept dry and cool. Moisture prevention agglomeration can affect dispersion performance as well as the use effect.

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