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A material slicker than Teflon and as hard as diamond has been developed by scientists in the US. This ultrahard ceramic is called aluminum magnesium boride (BAM) and it is the world’s third hardest material after diamond and cubic boron nitride. It can be used in lubricating and wear-resistant coatings that can save the United States trillions of BTUs a year.

The new ceramic has the ability to withstand extreme friction and pressure. It also resists corrosion and heat. It can be used on a wide range of military and industrial applications. For example, it can be applied to bearings and shafts for pumps, submarines, drills and cutting tools. This will reduce energy consumption by lowering the friction between the parts and reduce noise levels.

It can be applied in a number of different ways including spraying, dipping, spin coating and plasma deposition. The new material can be deposited on any surface including glass, silicon, mica and carbon. It can be deposited in a variety of thicknesses from micron to several millimeters. The coatings can also be sprayed on existing surfaces to increase their performance.

The BAM is created by sintering together a mix of powders including aluminum, magnesium and boron. The powders are then sintered together using a spark plasma sintering process. The resulting shaped compositions can be coated with KEVLAR or DYNEEMA, or another ballistic threat resistance material, to prevent crack propagation in the ceramic. The new ceramic can also be combined with boron carbide to form a composite material.

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