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Titanium powder: This product is a silver-gray powder with a large suction capability. Purity>99.9% Pebble size 60 nm Learn more about Titanium Ti Powder This is a form of titanium powder that can be used for a variety of purposes. A silver-gray powder of titanium, it has an excellent suction ability, can withstand high temperatures and sparks when it is ignited. Titanium powder metal metallurgy offers the opportunity to produce clean or very close-to-clean parts, without having to incur material losses or the high costs of machining complicated parts from forged parts. The powders are prepared by elemental blending and pre-alloying. They can then be cured using metal injection molding or hot isostatic press, directly powder rolling or laser engineering mesh form. is the most specific element of all metal elements. It’s a strong but light metal with good ductility. It has silvery-white metallic luster on its surface. Titanium melting temperature is high, at more than 1,649° Celsius. This makes it an excellent refractory and insulating metal. It’s paramagnetic, and has low thermal and electrical conductivity. One of the two types that Titanium has, is the hexagonal, most densely packed type. It then transforms into the body-centered type at 882 degrees Celsius. Specific heat for type rises sharply as temperature increases until it reaches the critical temperatures. However, once it reaches that critical temperature it decreases and remains almost constant for all types regardless temperature. Similar to zirconium or hafnium titanium has an -state which is both thermodynamically stable under high pressure and may also remain stable under atmospheric pressure. The state can be observed in the case of soft P-wave photons causing plane collapse of an -type (111), atom. Titanium powder available for purchase: TRUNNANO, a global Pure Itanium powder supplier is trusted. We provide titanium alloy and powder for 3D printing. You can send us an inquiry regarding the latest titanium powder price any time. While titanium is hard, its strength isn’t as great as that of higher-grade heat treated steels. It is not magnetic and is an inefficient conductor of heat or electricity. Titanium can be softened and left with indentions if handled mechanically without the use of sharp tools or proper cooling. Titanium structure is similar to steel, but has a fatigue limit that ensures it’s durable for some applications. Because titanium alloy’s specific stiffness is typically lower than other metals like aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, it is seldom used in structures that need high stiffness. Features of Titanium Ti powder (CAS 16962-40-6):






Bulk Density

Titanium Nanoparticle



15 m2/g



0.54 g/cm3

How does Titanium powder get made? Kroll, which is made up of titanium in the presence carbon and titanium dioxide ore. TiCl4 is formed by reaction of magnesium with titanium dioxide to create titanium sponge. These reactions take place at temperatures as high as 1040°C. It is possible to increase the parts’ density using hot isostatic press (HIP). This allows for more efficient production than either casting or forging, and the material’s porosity reduces fatigue as well as fracture characteristics. Titanium T Powder HTML3_ : Iron flash powderis used to produce bright, burning particles in pyrotechnic manufacture. This titanium powder has been used in filter coatings and air purifiers. It is also found in film on building Windows. The film, which is exposed to sunlight (solar or artificial), produces reactive REDOX compounds such as the hydroxyl groups that keep windows clean. Titanium, which is resistant to corrosion from seawater, is used in the manufacture of propeller shafts, heat exchangers and rigging for desalination plants. Titanium Ti Ti Powder may also be used for cold water heaters in saltwater aquariums, diving knives and fishing lines. It is also used for military and scientific surveillance equipment, and housing components. Titanium sponge powderis used for making titanium ingot. It is then used to make slabs, billets and bars as well as sheet and other titanium mill products.

Titanium Ti Powder Storage Conditions:

It will be affected by damp reunion. Therefore, the product should be stored in a vacuum. Additionally, Titanium Nanoparticles shouldn’t be exposed to stress. Caution for Ti Nanoparticles 1. Ti nanoparticles are flammable. The nanoparticle should not be placed with any force or friction. 2. Avoiding moisture, heat, sun and impacts on Titanium Nanoparticles are important. 3. The user must be qualified (This person should know how to use Titanium Ti Nanoparticle. Shipping and Packing of Titanium Ti powder. The Titanium Ti Powder quantity will determine the type of packaging we offer. Packaging of Titanium Ti Powder:Vacuum Packing, 100g to 500g or 1kg/bag at 25kg/barrel. Or as you request. Shipment of titanium Ti powder: Could be sent by sea, air or express as soon after receipt. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd. Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in high-quality, titanium powder. (brad@ihpa.net)

Titanium Powder Properties

titanium nanopowder, titanium nano-particles, titanium nano-powder, nanotitanium, nano-titanium 7440-32-6 Ti Molecular Weight 47.86 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 1660  Heating Point 3287  Poisson’s Rate 0.32 Solubility of H2O N/A Thermal Expansion (25 °C) 8.6 µm·m-1·K-1

Titanium Powder Health & Safety

Danger Hazard Statements H250 Hazard Codes P210-P231-P280-P302 + P334-P370 + P378-P422 Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A Transport Information UN1383 – class 4.2. PG 1
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