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Zinc sulfide This powder is white to off-white, or light yellow in color. It becomes darker as it is seen. Zinc sulfuride is stable in dry conditions, but if left in humid or moist air for long periods of time, it will oxidize to zinc oxide.

Zinc sulfide powder properties

Zinc sulfuride is an organic compound with the chemical composition ZnS. Zinc sulfide will slowly oxidize if it is exposed in humid conditions or when it contains moisture. Zinc sulfide can be found in sphalerite. However, it is not soluble or soluble when water is used. Acids will dissolve it.
Zinc sulfuride becomes crystals when it is burned in H2S. The a variation is a colorless hexagonal crystal having a density 3.99g/cm3 at 1700degC. The b variant has a density 4.102g/cm3 at 1020degC and is a colorless cubic cristal with a density of 4.102g/cm3.

Zinc sulfuride is usually obtained through the action of hydrogen Sulfide and zinc Salt Solution. A small amount of Cu Mn, Ag can be added to activate the crystalline ZnS and it will emit different colors of fluorescence when illuminated.

Zinc Sulfide Powder Application

Zinc sulfuride is used for analytical reagents, phosphor matrix and photoconductor material. It is also used in dyes and paints, pigments and glass manufacturing.

Zinc sulfuride is easy to dissolve and not agglomerate. It is also neutral in colour and has excellent optical properties. It is commonly used as a component in thermosetting plastics.
It is often used to make ceramics due to its good sintering qualities. Studies have shown that monodisperse Zinc Sulfide Powder has a better sintering result than agglomerate Zinc Sulfide. Furthermore, the particle size is affected and can be increased to improve the sintering performance.

Because nano-zinc sulfuride is a photonic materials, it can produce photon hole. Also, the quantum size effect, which causes an energy level change and widening energy gap, enhances its redox capability. It is a photocatalytic semiconductor that excels in this role.

Zinc sulfuride is an infrared-optical material. It has excellent thermal, optical and mechanical comprehensive performance in the 8-12ym and 3-5p.m infrared bands. It is the best dual band infrared observation window available for aircraft and hoods.

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