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What is it?In625 Silk? Nconel625, an alloy grade, has a density of 8.4g/cm3 as well as a melting temperature of 1290-1350degC. It is highly resistant to inorganic acids corrosion and can withstand corrosion from various corrosive media in oxidation, reduction and other environments. The key features of In625 Powder 625 is a cubic lattice structure with a face-centered cube. When kept at about 650degC for a long enough time,carbon particles and unstable quaternary phases will precipitate and transform into stable Ni3(Nb,Ti)orthorhombic lattice phase. Solid solution strengthening will allow the molybdenum or niobium components of the nickel-chromium mat to improve the material’s mechanical properties but will reduce its plasticity. The applications of In625 Powder The low-carbon alloy 625, which has been softened and anoanned, is widely used in the chemical industry. Here are some typical areas of application: 1.Components of organic chemicals that contain chlorides, especially when acid-chloride catalysts are employed 2. Used in the manufacture and maintenance of bleaching tanks and digesters for the pulp and paper industry 3.Absorption tower,reheater,flue gas inlet baffle,fan(wet),stirrer,baffle and flue in the flue gas desulfurization system 4. Used for the manufacture of equipment and components that are used in acid gas environments 5.Acetic acid, acetic anhydride reactions generator.
Inconel Alloy In625 Powder Properties
Other Titles INCO 625
No. N/A
Combination Formula Ni Cr Fe Nb
Molecular Weight N/A
Appearance Metallic Powder
Melting Point 1290-1350 degC
Solubility of in water N/A
Density N/A
Purity 99%
Particle size 15-45mm, 15-53mm, 53-120mm, 53-150mm
Boling Point N/A
Specific heat N/A
Thermal Conductivity 9.8 W/m*degC (21 degC)
Thermal Expansion N/A
Young’s Modulus N/A
Exact N/A
Monoisotopic N/A
3D Printing Inconel Alloy In625 Powder
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