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The introduction to the knowledge and application of erbium or ytterbium oxid Also known as ytterbium dioxide, the chemical formula is Yb2O3. It is a pure white powder. When it contains small amounts of thorium dioxide, it becomes yellowish brown. Water and cold acids are insoluble. Warm dilute acid is soluble. Erbiumoxid is pink powder with chemical formula Er2O3. When heated to 1300°C, it absorbs water and carbon dioxide easily. However, it does not melt. This is how lanthanum-metal metal can be synthesized. Carl Gustaf Mosander was able to partially isolate it in 1843. Charles James and Georges Urbain demonstrated for the first times in 1905 that this crystal has a clear pink cubic structure. In certain situations, hexagonal oxygen can be achieved. Making erbium or ytterbium oxalate The preparation method for ytterbium oxid Multi-step separation of brown yttrium oxide ore to extract rich thulium/ytterbium. Oxalic acid precipitation separation separation, filtration and burning are all used to produce ytterbiumoxide. The preparation method for erbium oxide Following separation and burning, the erbium-oxygen reaction with nitric acid/sulfuric acid solution in an alkali reacts to produce erbiumoxid. Uses for ytterbium oxide and erbium ole Ytterbium Oxide: This substance is used mainly in the production of computer magnetic materials. Thus, magnetic bubble storage exhibits the characteristics of large size, speed and multiple-function. Erbium Oxide: Erbiumoxid can be used as an ingredient in ytrium-iron garnet or as a control material to nuclear reactors. This is used for making special light emitting and infrared absorb glass. This compound can be used to color glass. Er2O3 remains the most stable compound. The stable compound Er2O3 is the only one. The magnet moment of Er2O3 also is higher, at 9.5MB. There are many other properties, as well as methods for preparing oxidation property properties. These properties are identical to those of Lanthanides. You can make pink glass by using oxidation. How to store the powder The powder’s dispersion performance will be affected by humidity. The powder should be stored dry in cool, dry places and kept in a sealed vacuum container. It shouldn’t be in direct contact with the atmosphere. Also, powder should never be pressured. Prices for ytterbium dioxide and erbiumoxid There is no transparency in the pricing of raw nano-powder materials on the market. You will receive high-quality powders. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation. TRUNNANO is also known as. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd. is a reliable global supplier and manufacturer of chemical materials. We have over 12 years experience providing high-quality chemicals as well as Nanomaterials. Our company currently has a number of successful powder material developments. Or click on the needed products to send us an inquiry.
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