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The aerosol ablation process produces nano aluminum nitride, also known as AlN. This method is very pure, has a small particle size and high surface area, and offers high activity. This powder will not be subject to hydrolysis and is extremely low in oxygen. It is easy to see the impact of insulation and thermal conductivity (0.01%). The viscosity can be used in polymer resins. It’s currently the highest thermal conductivity insulation filler. The features nano aluminium and nitride One of the most common nitrides is nano-aluminum. The resistance is 1015. It can also withstand temperatures as high as 1400 degrees. It has a significant effect on the thermal conductivity and performance of silicone rubber. It can be used as a thermal shock agent. The material is strong in resisting molten metal corrosion. It can also be used as a crucible for melting pure iron or aluminum. The a use of nano aluminum and nitride 1. Manufacturing of integrated circuit substrates for electronic devices, optic devices, radiators, and high-temperaturecrucibles. This allows you to create metal-based or polymer-based composites materials. This material has great potential for use and could replace micron aluminum, which is currently being imported. 2. A thermally conductive silica silica gel, thermally conductive epoxy, resin. This ultra-high thermal silica gel, made from nano aluminum nitride, has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. It also exhibits good consistency and high construction performance. This includes the space between the CPU, the radiator, high power transistors, thyristor component, diodes, heat transfer medium at the contact points with the substrate. To fill in the gaps between IC, triode, or heat sink, nano thermal paste can be used to increase the contact area and improve heat dissipation. 3. A nano-ceramic protection film and lubricating oil: These ceramic nano-lubricating particles are added to nano-ceramic engine oils. They act on metal surfaces of friction pairs inside engines. This protective film acts only on the film’s surface, and it isolates the friction created by relative movement. The friction created by the nanoceramic particles changes from conventional sliding friction to small ball-like rolling friction. It can reduce friction and friction between moving parts by almost eliminating them. This has a tremendous anti-wear protection impact on your engine. Improved lubrication can lower the friction coefficient to more than 80 percent and enhance the anti-wearability by more over 350%. It also prolongs the service life by more 80%. From 2/10000 up to 1/1000 4. High thermal conductivity plastics can be used with modified nano-alum nitride powder. This will greatly increase its thermal conductivity. You can increase the plastic’s thermal conductivity by adding 10% to 30% of an experimental product. The thermal conductivity can also be increased by 10 to 20%. This material is used primarily in PVC plastics and polyurethane plastics. 5.Other fields of application: Nano aluminum is used in crucibles to smelt non-ferrous and semiconductor metals. TRUNNANO is also known as. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd. (aka. We produce aluminum nitride that is high-purity and small in particle size. We are available to assist you if required.
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