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What is gallium-nitride? Galium nitride has the chemical formula GaN. It’s a mixture of nitrogen and galium. It’s a semiconductor with a high bandgap. This compound has been widely used for light-emitting diodes ever since 1990. It has high hardness and a similar structure to wurtzite. Because gallium nitride’s energy gap is large at 3.4 electron volts it can be used to make optoelectronic parts that are high-power or high-speed. You can use gallium nitride in violet laser diodes, for example. This can also be used in nonlinear semiconductor pumped-solid-state lasers. The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Professor Yuki Akasaki of Nagoya University in Japan and Meijo University in Japan in 2014 for inventing the blue LED. Shuji Nagamura of University of California Santa Barbara won Shuji Nagamura. GaN Applications GaN series materials are low in heat generation and have high breakdown electrical fields. They are vital materials in the creation of high-temperature electronic devices with high power and microwaves. GaN materials are ideal for producing short-wavelength light emitting devices. GaN, and its alloys have a bandgap that covers the entire spectrum from red to ultraviolet. Global semiconductor research is at the forefront of GaN material research. It’s a brand new semiconductor material, which can be used in the design of optoelectronic or microelectronic components. This material is often used in combination with other semiconductor materials like SIC or diamond to be known as the successor generation of Ge, Si and S. Semiconductor materials include second-generation GaAs and InP-compound semiconductor materials. Third-generation semiconductor materials are also available. This material is highly resistant to radiation, has high direct bandgap and strong atomic bonds. This material is widely used in high-frequency microwave applications, photo electronics, and other high-power and temperature devices. Eab Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional in gallium-nitride research and development with more than 12 years of experience. Send an inquiry to get high quality gallium-nitride.
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