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Aluminum nitride (atomic crystal) is a non-toxic metal. It is white to off-white in color.

What property does aluminum nitride have?

AlN can stabilize up to 2200. It has a high room temperature strength and slows down with increasing temperature. The thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride and its low thermal expansion coefficient make it an excellent material for thermal shock. It is resistant to molten metallic corrosion, making it an excellent crucible material for casting pure aluminum, aluminum and aluminum alloys. Aluminum nitride also has excellent dielectric properties. This makes it a promising electrical component. Aluminum nitride can be applied to gallium arsenide in order to protect it against ion implantation. Aluminium nitride also acts as a catalyst in the conversion from hexagonal to cubic boron nutride.

Where is aluminum nitride applied?

Aluminium nitride can be used for optoelectronics engineering as an optical storage interface dielectric and substrate and as a high-temperature chip carrier. It is also useful in military and other applications. Because of its piezoelectric effects, epitaxial stretching is used to detect surface acousticwaves. These thin films are not easily manufactured, so the detector is placed onto a silicon wafer. Use of aluminum nitride clays is a good choice because they have low room temperatures, high resistance to heat, and low expansion coefficients. They also exhibit high thermal conductivity. You can use it as a heat transfer material to high-temperature structures. The aluminum nitride clays can resist the corrosion properties and alloys like iron and aluminum. They can also be used to make casting molds for metals such Al, Cu and Ag. Eab Tech Co., Ltd. is a specialized aluminum Nitride company with over 12 year experience in chemical products development and research. Send an inquiry to get high-quality aluminum nitride.
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