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Overview of Zirconium Diboride Pulver
Zirconium diboride (ZrB2) This is a type of high covalent ceramic material with hexagonal crystal structures. It is an ultrahigh-temperature ceramic (UHTC) that has a melting temperature of 3246degC. It has a relatively low density (about 6.09 g/cm3) and high high-temperature resistance, making it suitable for high-temperature aerospace uses such as rocket propulsion or hypersonic flight. It is an uncommon ceramic with high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.
Zirconium boride is a gray-colored crystal found in nature. Zirconium biboride is composed of three components: zirconium boreide, zirconium diboride and zirconium tribromide. Only zirconium tribromide is stable across a wide temperature range. The industrial production uses mainly zirconium boride. Zirconium dioxide is a hexagonal or gray crystal, powder, or crystal with a melting temperature of 3040. Zirconium dioxide is highly resistant to high temperatures. It also has high strength at high and normal temperatures. High resistance to high temperatures, good shock resistance and low resistance to oxidation. With metallic luster. It has a metallic appearance. It has a slightly lower resistance than zirconium. After heating, the material can be stable at all temperatures. It can be sintered at lower temperatures, despite having a high melting point.
Zirconium Diboride ZrB2 Powder CAS 12045-64-6
What are the applications of Zirconium Diboride Powder
As science and technology advances rapidly, supersonic aircraft, such as long-range rockets, rockets and spaceships are becoming more advanced. They require higher performance and greater speed. The aircraft friction with the atmosphere generates a lot of heat. First, improve the high-temperature resistance to aircraft materials including refractory materials, carbides and carbon-carbon materials as well as borides. Zirconium-diboride ceramics are used widely in various fields for their high melting point and high hardness.
Zirconium Diboride is a strategic material that has high hardness and high thermal conductivity. It also has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. It is mostly used in thermal protection systems and high-temperature electrodes.
Zirconium Diboride can be used in aerospace as a high temperature resistant material. This material is particularly well-suited for the surface and construction of rolling bearing balls.
Zirconium boride is a great candidate material to make thin-film electronic components for sensors, actuators, and microsystems operating at high temperatures. This is due to its metal-like conductivity as well as melting temperature of 325°C.
Zirconium boride is used in the aerospace industry, military industry, special ceramics refractories industries, and nuclear industry. Zirconium boride can also be used to coat smooth solid materials and rolling balls.
Carbon fiber reinforced zirconium boride composite with high density is available, while silicon carbide-reinforced Zirconium boride composite can be brittle and subject to catastrophic damage.
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