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Strontium Ring

A strontium ring is a hollow circular piece of metal that can be custom made in width, thickness, and ring diameter. They are often used for military and government applications, aerospace, and other high purity products.

American Elements produces high purity uniform shaped Strontium rings in a variety of shapes and sizes including open or closed, round, flat, square, rectangle, rounded, and more. They are available in many alloys and can be annealed, tempered, or hardened to your specifications.

Glowstone Rings

Our glowstone rings feature a metal base of your choice with an inlay of strontium aluminate, daytime color pigments, and extraterrestrial inlay materials from meteorites to opals. These inlays are sealed with a high grade cyanoacrylate for a durable, scratch-resistant, and water-proof glowstone ring.

Strontium Titanate

As a man-made diamond simulant, strontium titanate captured the public’s attention in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, it is still a popular option in jewelry.

Strontium Scaffolds

Researchers at the University at Buffalo have developed a new reusable scaffold that is loaded with strontium, an element that supports wound healing and soft tissue function. In tests, the scaffolds increased cellular activity of isolated gingival fibroblast cells and promoted wound healing when infused with a range of strontium concentrations.

The team plans to use the ring-shaped templates and molds to develop scaffolds that can be personalized to fit any size dental implant. The scaffolds may help improve the success of dental implants by promoting the growth and healing of soft tissues around them.

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