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selenium monobromide formula is a soluble selenium source for applications that require water compatibility. It can be used at lower (acidic) pH and is available in a wide range of volumes, from ultra high purity for crystal growth to commodity grades.

Selenium tetrabromide exists as two polymorphs, the trigonal black a-SeBr4, and the monoclinic orange-reddish b-SeBr4. Both compounds dissolve in carbon disulfide, chloroform, ethyl bromide, and elemental selenium. The a-SeBr4 structure contains tetrameric cubane-like Se4Br16 units that are ordered in one of three ways: either forming an octahedral network or as face-centered square pyramids. In a-SeBr4, each Se atom interacts with four Br molecules, giving the coordination environment a pseudo-octahedral character, but the Se***Br distances are too long for covalent bonds (3.131 A). Instead, the Se atoms form non-covalent bridging interactions with the axial bromide ligands of adjacent a-SeBr4 units.

The a-SeBr4 and b-SeBr4 forms of selenium tetrabromide are both weakly paramagnetic. This is not consistent with the expectation that Se tetrabromide should have a low magnetic susceptibility since it would be expected to have a larger diamagnetic contribution due to the strong binding of its oxygen ligands. This discrepancy may be due to the oxidation of the bridging Bromo anions, which leads to a significant decrease in their magnetism. A modification of the BH4-/acid method has been used for selenium hydride44-48 arsine49-51 tellurium52-53 germane53, and stannane54 generation: an alkaline sample solution containing tetrahydroborate is mixed with acid.

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