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As aluminium continues to gain traction in the defense sector, there will be increased demand for high purity metal. This will require a concentration of the smelter’s production capability towards this end-use application. In many older, smaller reduction cells there is a dedicated section focused on producing Very High Purity (VHP) grades. While it is still possible to produce VHP grades in modern, large, fully automated reduction cells – it is often more cost effective and simpler to concentrate on other, value-added, end-uses that are less demanding of metal purity.

Unlike copper, which is poisonous and expensive to produce, pure aluminum is non-toxic and cost-effective for applications such as piping and plating, as well as building structures. It is also a great choice for roofing materials because it is lightweight, durable and offers corrosion protection.

The soaring demand for airplanes around the world is increasing the need for high purity aluminium, which is essential in aircraft manufacturing and other areas of the aerospace industry. The aluminium market is expected to grow significantly over the next ten years, and will be fueled by an increasing number of air passengers.

Researcher’s aHigh Purity Aluminium Powder Industry Forecasta provides a detailed analysis of total world High Purity Aluminium Powder sales in 2022 and a breakdown by region and market sector of projected High Purity Aluminium Powder sales through to 2029. This report includes key players such as Chalco, Join World, Kyushu Mitsui Aluminium, Nature Alu, UC RUSAL, Toyal Group and Xinfa Group, among others.

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