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The main features of silica Aerogel

Silica aerogel’s unique structure gives it the properties of high heat insulation and low sound transmission. Water glass is a rational choice when making silica jelly. Water glass is an alkali silicate made from silicon dioxide, alkali oxides and water. It is also known by the name sulphuricine. Water glass can be classified into two types according to the alkali, which are potassium water glass or soda water glasses. This stage is the most important for silica aerogel production.

Silica aerogel’s main purpose

1. Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is the most popular use for silica gel. Silica aerogel is thermally conductive at a level below 0.02W/(m*k) and lower than air. Silica aerosol has the highest thermal insulation properties in the current process. It is ideal for national defense, industry, scientific and research purposes, especially in the field of navigation and aerospace. It can also serve as a pipeline insulation. , Insulation glass for refrigeration, heat insulation glass for clothing, heat insulation glass for heat.

2. Catalyst and catalyst

Silica gel’s strength and heat transfer can be continually improved through research and development. This can allow silica gel to be used in catalyst carriers and catalysts. Organic fusion of SiO2 & TO2 or cohydrolysis Si and metal alkoxide can produce TO2-SiO2 Aerogel. It can increase the specific surface area and adsorption efficiency of silica aerogel.

3. Acoustic delay

Because silica gel is porous, it transmits sound through the pores. There will be significant energy loss at this point, which reduces sound wave amplitude and slows down sound speed. Aerogels can also transmit very little in solid materials. This silica aerogel, which is based on silica, has a high speed and a large acoustic interference propagation range. It also has the benefits of corrosion resistance as well as aging resistance and high temperature resistance. Silica aerogel can now be used in ultrasonic instruments, acoustic instruments, soundproof windows.

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