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Cobalt aluminum alloy is made by a combination of aluminum and cobalt. This alloy is used in electrical transmission lines due to its light weight and strong nature. It is also useful in the production of high-strength superalloys.

Cobalt has many applications, including the generation of gamma rays and the production of magnetic alloys. The name cobalt is derived from the German word Kobold, which translates to goblin. It is an expensive metal. However, it is also an important radioactive tracer.

A cobalt-based lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (LNCA) is an attractive high-specific-energy chemistry that is a good fit for lithium-ion battery systems. Using this material as a cathode allows an increase in the energy density and the distance covered by a single charge.

Cobalt aluminum hydrotalcites is a material that is useful in catalytic deposition of nitrous oxide. Increasing the concentration of the element in the hydrotalcites increases the rate of the reaction. However, this substance can cause an allergic skin reaction.

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in hybrid electric vehicles. These systems have improved efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. With more and more vehicles on the road, safety concerns are growing. Developing safer materials for these devices is crucial. For instance, the use of cobalt-aluminum hydrotalcites can provide the benefits of high-temperature stability, doping and oxidation resistance.

Although not all forms of this metal are equally valuable, its most interesting properties are found in its ultra high purity forms, including submicron powder and metal powder. There are also a few low-cost forms, such as bar, shot and ribbon.

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