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How do you define it? Emulsion of zinc stearate Zinc Stearate is fine, white, light-colored powder. It can dissolve in water and ethanol but not in ether. When zinc stearate has been heated, it is dissolved in an organosolvent. After it has cooled it turns into a gel-like substance. It can be broken down by strong acids, which are lubricity and moisture absorption.
Hydrophilic water-based zincstearate-emulsion is a type of hydrophilic zirconia stearate product that has been made with zinc stearate (and a variety coactive agents) using a special process. It can be used to make paint, ink and rubber for wood-based products.
Property of water-based Zinc Stearate Emulsion
This product is white in appearance, contains no harmful chemicals, meets the environmental protection standards, and has no pollution. The product is very easy to mix in water. It has superfineness and excellent water dispersion. You can easily defoam it, as it has fine lubrication.

Methods of packing and storage
1. Keep the container closed.
2. Keep it out of direct sunlight.
3. In winter, it is important to prevent freezing demulsification.
4. You should not stack it with strong acids and alkaline substances to prevent chemical reactions between the acid alkali liquid leakage and zinc Stearate that can affect stability.
5. In long-term storage, this product might be slightly precipitated. The use of the product will not be affected if it is stirred well prior to use.
6. Packaging 200L can be made to customer’s specifications. Insulation measures should be taken during transport.
Emulsions containing water-based zinc stearate
1. Excellent primer grinding effect
2, contains no organic solvent and is considered non-toxic.
3 Excellent dispersion with a large range of compatibility. This makes production very simple.
4. Water-based zincstearate seal packaging is stable for at least one year when stored in dry conditions. The effective storage period does not necessarily mean it can’t be used. It must, however, be assessed to determine if it is still useful in the relevant applications.
5. Use this product only in neutral conditions.
Prices for zinc stearate cream emulsion
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market, trends within the industry, economic activity, sentiment and unanticipated events.
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Emulsion of zinc stearate
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