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What property does boron-phosphide have? boron phosphide is available in different forms. These include red transparent, dark transparent, and black crystals. Soft, brown, amorphous materials can also be obtained. It is stable in chemical terms and will not disintegrate in hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric, hydrofluoric and mixed acids. Boronphosphide shares many properties with refractory substances. Boron phosphide is hardier than silicon carbide, but it also has a higher energy gap. The anti-oxidation properties of boron phosphide can be seen even at temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. If boronphosphide heated to high temperatures it becomes grayish and loses the phosphorus. Bromine and chlorine are the coldest places for boron phosphide to ignite. It is easily decomposed by all metals with red heat and brightly burns in oxygen at 200°C.

Where is boronphosphide applied?

A boron-phosphide film can transmit light in wide wavelength ranges and is resistant to rain erosion. It also has the fastest damage threshold speed (DTV). Boron phosphide films have better mechanical properties than germanium carbide. A thin layer of boronphosphide can adhere well to many base materials. It is also easier to apply an internal stress to other bases. Boron phosphide could be used as an anti-reflection protection film in high-speed flying infrared window windows. Scholars are now increasingly interested in the protection of boron-phosphide films on parts in harsh environments. Boronphosphide is a good choice for the corrosion-resistant coating of the submarine telescope’s infrared glass. When the submarine’s telescope window goes out at sea, it must remain immersed within the ocean water environment. To maintain the wavelength and resolution of the camera’s photoelectric system, the window should be high-transmitting. It also must resist corrosion in seawater. To preserve the original optical performance, the boron-phosphide window can be protected against seawater erosion by using a boron phosphide folio. Eab Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional boron phosphide company with over 12 year experience in chemical products development and research. We are happy to help you find high-quality boronphosphide.
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