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Boron nitride It’s been around for more than a century. As a high-temperature grease, hexagonal boron was the first application. White graphite is a common name because of its similarity to graphite in terms of both its structure and properties.

Boron Nitride Powder Properties

Boron Nitride is resistant to corrosion by chemicals and mineral acids. It is also not affected by water and mineral acid. The boron and nitrogen bond is broken by hot concentrated alkali. Boron Nitride begins to oxidize at temperatures above 1200degC. It decomposes around 2700degC in vacuum. Boron Nitride is soluble only in warm acid, but insoluble in cold waters.

The majority of properties of boron materials are better than those of carbon materials. The following properties are found in hexagonal boron Nitride: Low friction coefficient; good high temperature stability; good thermal shock resistance; high strength; high thermal conductivity; low expansion coefficient. High resistivity. Microwave or transparent Infrared.

Boron Nitride is a hexagonal system of crystals. The most common one is the graphite crystal lattice. There are other forms as well, such as: Rhombohedral Boron Nitride (rBN), Cubic Boron Nitride (cBN), and Wurtzite Type boron Nitride.

Boron nitride Powder Applications

Cubic-boron nitride has excellent heat resistance in addition to its excellent wear resistance. It can cut heat resistant steels, ferroalloys or hardened steels. At a relatively high temperature, it can cut Si-Al and Si-Cr alloys and chilled rolls with high hardness.

As a wide-band-gap (band-gap of 6.4 eV), semiconductor material, cubic boron nitride is characterized by high thermal conductivity. It also has exemplary properties such as high mobility, low Dielectric constant, and high breakdown electric fields. They all share a wide band-gap, which makes them ideal for electronics that operate in extreme environments.

In comparison with SiC or GaN, diamond and cubic boron nitride have superior properties. These include a wider band gap and greater mobility. Diamond and cBN are superior materials for extreme electronics.

Due to its high hardness, cubic-boron film is well suited for optical applications. Its high transmittance over the entire range of wavelengths from ultraviolet (approximately at 200 nm), to far infrared makes it a suitable surface coating on some optical components.

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