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What is spherical Quartz Powder?

Spherical quartz powder is characterized by its smooth surface, high specific surface area, and strong chemical properties. First, the spherical material is very fluid and can be mixed evenly with the resin to form the film. Although the amount of resin used is minimal, the quartz powder filling volume can be high and may reach as high as 90.5%. The thermal conductivity of the molding compound will be lower if the quartz powder is used as a filler. The performance of electronic components that are produced is better when they are close to the monocrystalline silicon thermal expansion coefficient. Second, the stress of the cylindrical powder is only 60% lower than the stress of angular powder. Furthermore, the plastic molding compound made with spherical Quartz powder has the lowest stress concentration, as well as the highest strength. The spherical material has a smooth, low friction coefficient and wear-resistant surface that can help extend the mold’s life.

Spherical quartz powder’s main applications

There are many uses for sphered quartz powder. Electronic packaging is its biggest market. Electronic packaging is the support industry for integrated circuits. As integrated circuits become more complex, the requirements for packaging materials are rising. Packaging forms are continually optimized and up-dated to meet these new requirements. Substrat, plastic packaging material, lead frames, and solder are the three main types of electronic packaging. Plastic packaging has grown rapidly because of its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and ability to be mass produced. Plastic packaging is responsible for 95% global integrated circuits market.

Spherical silica powder is excellent in form and has high chemical purity. It also contains low radioactive elements. It can be used to meet the technical requirements of high end integrated circuits. It can be used to reduce the plastic packaging material’s thermal expansion coefficient and dielectric constant. The earth increases the product’s rigidity and abrasion resistance. It also reduces impact resistance, weather resistance. compression resistance, moisture resistance and flame resistance. This makes it an essential key material for electronic packages. Additionally to its main use in electronic packaging, spherical Quartz powder can be used extensively in the manufacture and processing of high-grade optical inks, optical fibres, high quality precision ceramics and precision grinding of electronic devices and components.

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