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Rhodium is a rare silvery white metal that’s found only in small amounts as a byproduct of platinum, copper and nickel refining. It’s also extremely difficult to extract by itself, so it’s usually fashioned into jewelry in conjunction with gold or platinum.

What’s the difference between rhodium and gold?

Rhodium plating is a process that adds a layer of bright white to a precious metal, like gold or platinum. It’s a great way to enhance the shine and sheen of a metal that may be dull or lack sparkle.

It is a great choice for jewelry that’s constantly exposed to wear and tear, such as rings, earrings and bracelets. In addition to enhancing the appearance of a piece, it can also help prevent discoloration and tarnishing.

When you’re shopping for a wedding band, it’s a good idea to consider which metals will provide the most durability. Some of the most common options include platinum and palladium, but white gold is an excellent choice too.

A Pure Rhodium Ring

A pure rhodium ring will last for generations and is one of the most beautiful choices you can make when purchasing a wedding band. It is a highly durable and hypoallergenic metal that is much less likely to tarnish than other metals, such as gold or white gold.

It’s also much harder than many steel alloys, making it a great option for people who may be allergic to other metals or who would prefer a tougher metal for their wedding band. It’s also more affordable than some other metals, which can make it an attractive choice for people on a budget.

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