Slug shot is a type of ammunition that contains small diameter projectiles, typically shotgun pellets or slugs. It is often used in hunting, as a tactical round for law enforcement and military personnel, or for self-defense.

tungsten slug is a type of tungsten shot, and can be used in many kinds of guns. It is usually alloyed with nickel and iron to soften the base metal, but is slightly more dense than lead shot.

Despite its comparatively light weight, tungsten slug is strong and durable. Its high heat resilience helps to prevent cracking when hitting hard surfaces, making it useful for weapons designed for use on capital ships.

If a tungsten slug is dropped from space it can hit with the same force as a tactical nuclear weapon. However, a tungsten slug must be dropped from hypersonic speed to reach that level of power, so this method is not likely to be used in wartime.

The slug can be deorbited by shooting it backwards and slowing down the velocity, but that takes a lot of effort, and requires massive strategic thinking. It would also have to be dropped from a much closer distance than the slugs of the Protoss and Terran militaries use.

Tungsten is used in several types of ammunition for defense against enemy forces, including armor-piercing bullets. The shells of these rounds burn away at the edges when they impact, a “self-sharpening” process that helps them bore into armor and penetrate the thick steel encasing enemy tanks.

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