what is the chemical formula for beryllium and nitrogen?

Beryllium and nitrogen are the components of beryllium oxide, a substance that melts at 2200degC in the absence of air (600degC in the presence of air). This chemical formula shows the number of moles of beryllium required to react completely with one mole of nitrogen gas.


In order to write the formula of a covalent compound, the atomic symbol for each element is given in prescribed order. For example, water is written as H2O, because it contains two hydrogen atoms in each molecule.


In contrast, when a chemical compound consists of elements that are not carbon and hydrogen, the atomic symbols for the other elements are listed first. This convention was adopted for inorganic compounds, such as ammonia and silane, and is still used for organic compounds.


In addition, a chemical compound can be represented by its monatomic ions, which give the atomic symbols for each element in a particular group of the periodic table. For example, sodium and chlorine are in Group 2, and they can form sodium chloride.


When beryllium and nitrogen are exposed to heat, they react under high temperatures to produce beryllium oxide, a gray solid. This compound is the limiting reagent in this reaction, so it is important to ensure that the reactants and products are properly balanced in the equation for the reaction.

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