What is it?

Boron powder in amorphous form

The element boron is rarely found in nature as a pure form, but it can be found in the form proboric acid or borate. Boron is present in only 0.001% the earth’s crust. Elemental boron can be found as a black or dark brown powder.

Amorphous boron dust

This powder is an odorless, dark brown powder. It can be ignited at 700°F and oxidized to 300°F. It is used extensively in metallurgy and synthesis as well as aerospace. It is often used as a catalyst for rocket fuel ignition, deoxidizer, and automobile airbag initator.

Amorphous Boron powder has physicochemical properties


Boron has a bandgap between 1.50 and 1.56eV which is greater than silicon or germanium. It can transmit infrared radiation. While boron can conduct electricity well at high temperatures, it is less efficient at room temperature. Boron, which is also heavier than beryllium, has the highest volume of heat. It is slightly insoluble, but not insoluble, in nitric and water.

The formation of boron Trioxide Film prevents further oxidation in elemental Boren. It reacts well with fluorine at room temperatures and is not corroded or effected by hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids aqueous solutions. Boron is insoluble when it comes into contact with water. However, in powder form, it can be dissolved in boiling nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

Amorphous Boron

It is chemically active. Amorphous Boron Powder can make an explosive mixture with oxygen.

Properties of Amorphous Boron Powder
Other names Boron;
CAS No. 7440-42-8
Formula compound B
Molecular Weight 10.811
Appearance Dark brown
Melting Point 2079degC
Boiling Point 2550degC
Density 2.34 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O Insoluble
Exact Mass N/A
Amorphous Boron Powder CAS 7440-42-48

Amorphous Boron Powder preparation:

Borane cracking (molten salt electrolysis), hydrogen reduction, thermal degradation, magnesium thermal reduction and thermite removal

Method of magnesium thermal loss: Magnesium thermal loss is achieved by using B2O3 (a raw material) and Mg powder (a reducing agent). This can be done through the self-spreading magneto thermal reduction reaction, which produces reduction products. The ultra-fine amorphous powder of boron is obtained by hydrochloric Acid leaching.

Amorphous Boron powder:

Amorphous boron dust

Many advantages include a large specific surface, high calorific value, and ease of transport. It is used widely in many fields, such as military and aviation as well as aerospace and automobile.

Amorphous boron dust

This is the main use of Boron in high-energy fuels, boroncontaining functional ceramics and space technology. Boron is a good degassing agent for steelmaking because it reacts with oxygen and nitrogen at high temperature. Composite materials made of epoxy resin, which are composed of Boron fiber, are used to make aircraft, missiles and rockets. It is also used as a protective substance in the atomic energy sector.

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