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The metals used in the construction of buildings, airplanes and medical devices are extremely strong, but they can also be brittle. For example, titanium is one of the strongest materials on earth but it can be hard to work and prone to cracking. A new material, known as titanium copper alloy, solves this problem by combining the strengths of two different metals: copper and titanium. A recent study by RMIT researchers has shown that using this material improves the tensile strength of titanium.

The team’s research shows that adding a certain amount of copper to titanium alloy significantly increases its tensile properties without compromising its ductility. This is because the copper promotes the eutectoid transformation and increases the amount of Ti2Cu hard phase precipitated at grain boundaries. This improvement in tensile performance is particularly important because it reduces the stress at the point of rupture and increases the strength and durability of titanium components.

In addition, the alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, especially in aggressive environments and at elevated temperatures. This is due to the high reactivity of copper with a variety of elements and ions in solution. This feature of the alloy can help prevent the formation of inclusions that are usually associated with oxidation and poor corrosion resistance.

The titanium copper alloy also has the potential to be an environmentally friendly roofing material. It is made from recycled and sustainable sources and has the ability to self-preserve by reacting with oxygen in the air to form a dense protective film. As a result, the roof can be left unpainted and will not need regular maintenance after decades of use.

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