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Acetylferrocene is a nifty little chemical and a great subject to investigate in the lab.

A cyclopentadienyl compound with the formula (C5H5Fe) C5H4CHC3, it is an air-stable solid that displays the typical properties of an aromatic molecule, such as its ability to dissipate heat and a high boiling point, and its capacity for chemical transformations. Ferrocene is a notable member of a class of molecules, called sandwiched metals, in which iron “sandwiches” between two cyclopentadienyl rings. The p-electron-rich ring system, which is reminiscent of the 4n+2 rule, enables electrophilic substitution involving electron rich substituents, as well as many interesting reactions, such as catalysis.

Several commercially available acetylferrocene derivatives have been discovered in the last few decades, most notably a variety of saccharides, with varying degrees of sensitivity to oxidizing agents and toxicity. This small family of compounds has found numerous applications in a variety of fields, including anti-malarial, anti-tumor, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, treatment of anemia and inhibition of enzymatic activity to name but a few.

The acetylferrocene melting point has been measured as 84-86degC, which is significantly lower than the 173-174degC observed for its counterpart ferrocene. This is mainly due to the presence of an asymmetrical carbon atom in the cyclopentadienyl center that makes it less likely to undergo reaction-active acylation.

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