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silver graphite powder is an excellent lubricant and conductive paste and can be used for many purposes. It is an essential material in the production of refractory products, paint, stove polish, “lead” pencils, electrodes, brake linings, batteries, conductive coatings, and foundry facings.

Generally speaking, there are a variety of silver-coated graphite powders available in the market, such as natural flake graphite (graphite flakes with particle sizes ranging from 5 mesh USS to 0.7 micron), granular silver-coated graphite, and graphite-coated metal. These materials are generally used for making crucibles and other refractory products, lubricants, paint, stove polish, “lead” graphite pencils, electrodes, brake linings, and batteries, as well as for the manufacture of glass, electrically conductive coatings, and for foundry facings.

The surface area of the silver-coated graphite mixed powder is preferably small, and the BET specific surface area is preferably 14 m2/g or less, more preferably 7 m2/g or less. The rate of the silver coated graphite particles among the graphite particles in the silver-coated graphite mixed product is preferably high, but does not need to be 100%.

A conductive paste according to the present invention is obtained by mixing the silver-coated graphite mixed particle with a conductive powder. The conductive powder may include a silver-coated copper powder, a conductive silver frit, or other conductive particles. The conductive paste is a powder or slurry that is easily soluble in water.

Alternatively, the silver-coated graphite mixed particles are prepared by subjecting the graphite powder to sensitizing with an aqueous solution of a tin compound and coating silver on the surfaces of the graphite powder after the sensitizing through displacement using a silver complex solution and a zinc powder. The pH of the silver complex solution is preferably 6 or more but 14 or less.

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