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selenium powder is a highly palatable selenium & vitamin E supplement for horses. It helps prevent tying up and increases performance and stamina. It also supports nerve and muscle function.

Selenium is found in nature as the free metal, metallic gray to black hexagonal crystals, or combined with sulfide minerals. It is also used in a number of manufactured products such as: as a photographic element; to produce selenium dioxide, an anti-oxidant and semiconductor; as an additive for glass, paint, enamels, rubber, plastics, and pesticide formulations; as a food supplement; as a coating for steel and copper alloys to improve their machinability; and in battery systems.

Long-term exposure to high levels of elemental selenium or its compounds can be toxic. Elemental selenium and its compounds such as hydrogen selenide, selenium sulfide, and dimethyl selenium cause respiratory effects including irritation of the mucous membranes, pulmonary edema, and severe bronchitis. It can also cause hair loss, skin discoloration, pathological deformation and degeneration of nails and teeth, mental alertness changes, and listlessness.

Amorphous selenium (a-Se) thin films are used in flat panel x-ray detectors to convert incident x-ray photons into electric charge. It is also a component in thioredoxin reductases, glutathione peroxidases and other antioxidant enzymes that are important for the body’s defenses against reactive oxygen species that can cause atherosclerosis, cancer and other diseases. It is also an essential nutrient.

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