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A rust preventive oil additive is used in the preparation of lubricating oils to inhibit oxidation, corrosion and/or rusting of metals that come into contact with the lubricating oil. The rust preventive oil additive comprises admixtures of a calcium hydroxide overbased soluble calcium sulfonate, hexylene glycol and an ethoxylated amine, particularly, diethoxylated cocoamine or diethoxylated soyamine. These ingredients are blended with solvent neutral oils to produce rust inhibitors for lubricating oils and the like.

The rust preventive oil additive is designed to be sprayed on any surface where there is a need for lubrication or where there is a potential for rusting. It loosens rust, dirt and old lubricants and then forms an invisible film on the surface to protect it from further damage. It also lubricates the metal to prevent damage from friction and wear. It is safe for use on plastic, vinyl and most paints and can be sprayed directly onto metal surfaces. It is especially useful on antique vehicles and farm equipment. It is also ideal for preparing lawnmowers and snow blowers before they are put into storage.

rust preventive oil additives can help maintain the resale value of cars, especially older models. They can also make sure that all components are working properly and that accidents and mechanical failures are minimized. They can also prevent corrosion on older tools and antiques and can be used on cast-iron cooking equipment. The most commonly used rust preventive oil additive is zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, or ZDDP. It can be found in almost all automobile engine oils.

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