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Rubidium acetate is a chemical compound of rubidium carbonate and acetic acid. It is soluble in water. It is a good precursor to ultra-high purity compounds and nanoscale materials. Some applications include the preparation of nanosized rubidium ferrite and in modifying the acid/base character of catalyst supports. It is also the start of a palladium-catalyzed synthesis of vinyl acetate.

Rubidium Acetate Solutions are moderate to highly concentrated liquid solutions. They are excellent precursors for the most important chemical reactions, such as the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide to form water. They are also a good source of solubilized materials. The most important application is in the production of fluorescent dyes. Other potential uses are in printing, plastics and biotechnology. These are all very interesting areas of research and development.

American Elements is a leading manufacturer of acetate and other high purity chemicals, and they provide a range of standard grades to meet your requirements. Their website contains technical information, safety data, and a reference calculator. Additionally, they can provide custom packaging and airtight sealed drums for your convenience. In addition to their acetate, they also carry a wide selection of other products. You can get custom packaging for your lab, or purchase the same products in larger, bulkier, liquid totes.

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