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The gray-black color of gallium selenide can be found in ceramics and glass. It is also used in thin-film solar cells. Particle Size: Granule, -100mesh Purity: 99.999% Gallium Selenide Ga2Se3 Pulver: Gallium(III). Selenide can be described as a compound. This compound has a hexagonal and layered structure that is very similar to a natural gas. It can be used to convert far-infrared energy from terahertz or above into photoconductor. Gallium(III) Selenide contains a deficient sphalerite, cubic ZnS structure. It is a p-type semiconductor.Gallium(III) Selenide(III) can be formed by combining elements. It is a slow reactant in water but it can quickly react in inorganic acid, creating toxic hydrogen selenide gas. Selenium ions’ reducing powers make them more susceptible to oxidizing agents. Avoid contact with the base. Gallium(III-Selenide) crystals are a promising nonlinear optical materials and photoconductor. For frequency conversion of lasers, nonlinear optical material are used. The frequency conversion is the changing of the wavelength of monochromatic light sources (e.g. lasers) to produce a wavelength that can be achieved by conventional laser sources. TRUNNANO is an international Gallium Selenide Ga2Se3 Pulch supplier . You can send us an inquiry regarding the current Iron-Gallium Selenide price at any given time. Frequency conversion with nonlinear optical material is possible in several ways. When the second harmonic is created, the frequency of an infrared-carbon dioxide laser doubles. This doubles the wavelength of light in optical parameter generation. Optical parameter generation is usually done with near-infrared, solid-state lasers Gallium(III). Selenide is difficult to use in optics because it is easy to separate along the cleavage lines. The structural strength of crystals is greatly improved by the addition of indium to their structure, which makes them easier for use. But crystal growth is still a challenge before Gallium(III), Selenide, crystals are used in more areas of optics. Gallium Selenide Powder: Specification for Gallium Selenide Gallium Selenide MMF Ga2Se3 Gallium Selenide Purity >99.999% Gallium Selenide – Particle Size 100 mesh,200 mesh Gallium Selenide Molecular Weight 376.326 Gallium Selenide, CAS No. 12024-24-7 Technical Parameter: Gallium Selenide Ga2Se3 powder: CSA of Gallium Selenide Purity 99.999% ≤3ppm ≤3ppm ≤5ppm ≤3ppm Ca ≤3ppm ≤5ppm ≤1ppm ≤3ppm ≤1ppm What is Gallium Selenide Ga2Se3 Pu ? By chemical vapor deposition, you can prepare gallium(III), selenide. HTML3_ : One compound is Gallium(III), Selenide(III). It is composed of gallium(III) selenide(III). For optoelectronics and semiconductor applications, Gallium(III), Selenide is also used. Gallium(III, Selenide) is used also as an intermediate in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and food. Shipping and Packing of Antimony Selenide sb2Se3 powder : Gallium Selenide Ga2Se3 Pulver packing: vacuum packaging, 1kg/bag and 25kg/barrel or as required Shipping Information for Gallium Selenide GaliumSe3 Puffer After payment has been received, will be sent out either by air or sea.

Gallium Selenide Properties

gallium(III) selenide, gallium selenide(2:3), digallium triselenide, Galium(3+), gallium(3+), and selenide, ga2Se3 dust 12024-11-2 Ga2Se3 Molecular Weigh 376.3 Appearance Grey Black Powder Melting Point 1020 Heating Point N/A Density 4.92 g/cm3 Solubility of H2O N/A Exact 377.600727

Gallium Selenide Health & Safety Information

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