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NdN is the common name for Neodymium nutride. For lithium batteries, energy storage material and catalysts, Neodymium NdN Powder is used. Purity: 99.9% Particle Size: -100 Mesh Neodymium Nitride Powder Neodymium-nitride can also be known as NDN powder. Powder Neodymium Nitride NDN for lithium batteries, Energy storage materials, Catalysts and others. Highly purified rare earth compound materials with strict control of the same rare earth element group, used widely in petrochemicals, artificial crystals, functional ceramic devices and display. If you’d like to order Neodymium Nitride Nitride Powder, please send us an inquiry. Product Performance of Neodymium Nitride NdN Powder: This neodymium-nitride NdN (CAS 25764-11-8) powder is of high purity and has a greater surface area. Technical Information of Neodymium NdN Pulp: Section Name High Purity Neoodymium Nitride powder       MF  NdN     Purity  99.9%  Particle   Size   , -100 mesh Application The powder of Neodymium NdN is used to make lithium batteries and energy storage materials. It also serves as catalysts. ; Neodymium Nitride Nitride NdN powder Specification: How does Neodymium Nitride NdN powder get made? 1. After dehydrated chloride has been dissolved in water, it is electrolyzed by graphite and mercury anodes (D = 12mm). An electrolytic container has glass joints that allow for multiple inserting of graphite, anode, N2 conduit and water jacket. For a current level of 1 to 2A, 40V is the required voltage. The distance between anode and cathode determines the size of the current (10-20mm). Half of the concentration of rare earth chlorineide is present and 20 degrees Celsius is the average temperature. In the electrolytic reactions of cathode surfaces is greater, 1a current corresponds with the current density of 0.04 a/cm2. The amalgam mixture flows into a container containing two sphere tubes. In the N2 atmosphere, the impurities were removed with methanol. After the unreacted mercury has been separated, it is distilled into sphericaltube 1 through sphericaltube 2. Finally, the sphericaltube is disengaged. It is important to determine the temperature at which mercury was distilled. Tube 1 contains amalgam. 2. Mercury is in contact with rare earth metals (20-30 times more than that of other rare earth elements) through glass tubes at 300-350. Neodymium Nickel Powder Pure rare-earth compound Neodymium nutride regulated the amount of the same rare earth element group, which is widely used in many fields, including petrochemicals, artificial crystals, functional ceramic devices and magnetic materials. Shipping and Packing of Neodymium Nitride Nitride NdN Pulp: Many types of packing are available depending on NdN-powder quantity. Packing of NdN Neodymium Nitride powder: vacuum, 1kg/bag and 25kg/barrel or according to your requirements. Shipping Neodymium NdN powder: could ship out by sea, air or express, once you have received your payment. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd. You can contact us to request high-quality Neodymium Nitride matte. (brad@ihpa.net)

Neodymium NdN Powder Properties

Neodymium Nitride. NdN powder 25764-11-8 NdN Molecular Weight 158.247 Appearance Melting Point N/A Solubility water N/A Density N/A Purity N/A N/A Boling points N/A Specific Heating N/A Heating Conductivity N/A Thermal Expansion N/A Young’s Module N/A Exact 155.911 Monoisotopic Weight 155.911

Safety & Health Information

Safety Alert N/A Hazard Statements N/A Flashing points N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A Security Statements N/A N/A Transport Information N/A Germany N/A
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