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Boron nitride crystal belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, the structure is similar to graphite, and there are many similarities in performance, so it is also called “white graphite”.
Boron nitride has good heat resistance, thermal stability, thermal conductivity, and high-temperature dielectric strength. It is an ideal heat dissipation material and high-temperature insulating material. Boron nitride has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of most molten metals. It also has good self-lubricating properties.

Boron nitride (BN) ceramics is a new industrial material developed with the aerospace and electronics industries, and has a wide range of applications in industry and production.

The current research on boron nitride mainly focuses on its hexagonal phase (h-BN) and cubic phase (c-BN). Hexagonal boron nitride has lubricity, thermal conductivity and good high temperature performance. Recent studies have shown that the hexagonal phase is also in a stable state of thermodynamic equilibrium at room temperature and pressure. The main application field of hexagonal boron nitride is still used as a raw material for the synthesis of cubic boron nitride. Cubic boron nitride is an artificial synthetic material and has application prospects in many fields.

The high temperature and high pressure method generally uses hexagonal boron nitride as the raw material. At the same time, due to the excellent properties of cubic boron nitride, the research on the synthesis method of cubic boron nitride has attracted more and more scientists. Various new preparation methods are emerging in endlessly, and are developing towards low temperature and low pressure, simple and feasible direction. In recent years, with the rise of nanotechnology and the expansion of application fields of boron nitride ceramics, the synthesis and application of nano boron nitride has become a hot spot.

Hexagonal boron nitride is called white graphite because it has a layered crystal structure similar to graphite, and it also has similar physical and chemical properties to graphite, such as good lubricity and thermal conductivity. Hexagonal boron nitride is often used as a material for sintered ceramics. H-BN structural ceramics have been widely used in high-temperature insulating parts, atomic energy, metallurgy, aviation and other fields because of their high thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation properties, low thermal expansion coefficient, and non-wetting properties with most metals. As a raw material for the synthesis of cubic boron nitride, because cubic boron nitride is a theoretical low-temperature stable phase, its superior performance is more attractive, so people often use hexagonal boron nitride to synthesize cubic boron nitride.

Boron nitride ceramics have excellent thermal stability and dielectric properties. It is one of the few compounds that can reach a decomposition temperature. It has excellent thermal and electrical stability in a wide temperature range. However, Because this kind of ceramic has low strength, hardness, elasticity, high thermal conductivity and insufficient corrosion resistance, and it is difficult to make shape components, single-phase boron nitride ceramics have not yet been used in the radome.

As an advanced ceramic material, boron nitride, together with its superior mechanical properties, is widely favored in the field of materials research. However, due to the harsh conditions of the current synthesis method, this affects the application of boron nitride to a certain extent. Therefore, the new synthesis method of boron nitride has become a hot spot in the study of boron nitride. Choose an excellent reaction precursor and use its thermodynamic properties to reduce the externally induced temperature and reaction temperature, and to better control the product morphology. Appropriate reaction process and control of reaction conditions can also control the morphology and particle size of the product.

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