Copper acetate monohydrate is a dimeric substance that represents an organic carboxylic acid salt. It is a colourless crystalline solid that can be stored in sealed bottles. This compound is used in the synthesis of many compounds.

Copper acetate is soluble in strong acids. Its yield is strongly reduced at pH below 0.5. It has a blue-green glow when heated. When it decomposes, it produces metallic copper. The chemical formula is Cu(CH3COO)2.

Pure copper acetate monohydrate is obtained by mixing a solution of acetic acid with a solution of spent copper containing solutions. After crystallization, the resulting product is filtered on a POR 40 glass filter under a reduced pressure.

Copper acetate has an excellent ability to bind purine nucleosides. The complexes have been studied for their anticancer and antibacterial activities. They have also been shown to cleave DNA. Cupric acetate is used in dyeing and as a catalyst for organic reactions. In addition, it has been used as a stabilizing agent in artificial fibers.

Copper acetate is a common compound that is available for purchase online. The price is quite reasonable. Several known methods have been proposed for separating the compound from its mother liquor.

A prototype method for obtaining pure copper acetate monohydrate has been developed. To do so, a solution of 1.0 mol of basic copper (II) carbonate and a solution of 1.0 mol of acetate are mixed. Heating the reaction solution is then required. The temperature of the solution is increased to 60 deg C. After the solution has been cooled down to about 1/3 of the original volume, the solution is filtered off. Once the precipitate is filtered off, it is washed with chilled water and dried in air at room temperature.

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