A boron carbide body armor system is one of the hardest and lightest armor materials on earth. This makes boron carbide body armor an ideal choice for protection against bullets, grenades, and improvised explosive devices in war zones.

Boron carbide is a ceramic that has high hardness, low density, and is extremely lightweight. This combination of properties make boron carbide a great material for armor protection and also for use in other applications, such as neutron shielding.

boron carbide has been used for years in the military, but recent advancements have made it even stronger and more reliable. Scientists have discovered that adding a small amount of the element silicon can improve the strength of boron carbide and prevent it from weakening when hit by high-speed rifle rounds.

By incorporating a tiny bit of silicon into boron carbide, researchers found that the phase transformation, which occurs when a bullet hits a material, is reduced by 30 percent. This could be a major improvement for armor, and help to prevent the brittleness that has previously led to failure of body armor.

The new recipe of boron carbide and silicon is being tested in various body armor systems for use by soldiers in war zones. These new armor plates have been developed using a new UHMWPE molding technique and super-strong Silicone Carbide ceramic. The result is an extremely heavy-duty armor plate backbone that has been independently tested in NIJ and DSTU accredited laboratories, providing unparalleled protection against high caliber rifles.

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