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Introduction to Titanium Nitride Powder TiN Titanium Nitride A golden cubic crystal is TiN. Its chemical formula is TiN. It has a molecular mass of 61.89. The melting point is 2950. The density of the material is 5.43g/cm3.

Titanium Nitride TiN Pulver’s Physicochemical Characteristics
Titanium Nitride is a synthetic ceramic material that is extremely hard. It is very similar to diamond. Titanium Nitride is chemically stable at ambient temperature, but can be oxidized at 800 degrees at atmospheric pressure by hot concentrated acid. It has the infrared reflection characteristics of an IR (infrared ray), and its reflection spectrum is comparable to that of gold (Au), making it pale yellow.
The relative friction coefficient of titanium Nitride is 0.4 to 0.9 depending on the substrate material. Its crystal structure is typical sodium chloride. The relative stoichiometry between elements is around 1:1. The thermodynamic stability factor X of the TiNx complex (0.6-1.2) is also found. This thin film of titanium dioxide cooled to near absolute zero is the world’s first superinsulating material. It adds 100,000 units insulation.
Titanium Nitride TiN Pulp Properties
Other Names Tinite, TiNite, TiN powder, nitridotitanium
CAS No. 25583-20-4
Formula compound TiN
Molecular Weight 61.87
Appearance Powder in golden brown
Melting Point 2950
Boiling Point N/A
Density 5.43g/cm3
Solubility of H2O Insoluble
Exact Mass 61.951
Titanium Nitride TIN Powder CAS 25583-20-4

Is titanium nitride more powerful than steel?
It is stronger than many steels when titanium is mixed with other metals such as vanadium or aluminum. The best titanium alloys have a higher strength than lower and mid-grade stainless steels. But, stainless steel of the highest grade is stronger than titanium-alloy.
Titanium has the highest strength-toweight ratio of all known metals. While titanium has the same strength and weight as steel, it is 45% lighter.

Titanium Nitride TiN Pulver Applications
Powder metallurgy, fine ceramic raw material powder, conductive materials, and decorative materials can all be used. This material is used extensively in aerospace, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and other areas. This material is highly electrically conductive and can be used for electrodes and contact in molten salt electrolysis. It can also serve as an additive to hard-cutting instruments. Specifically,
1. Titanium Nitride coatings These are often used on metal edges to protect the corrosion resistance and life expectancy of drills or milling cutters.
2. Its metallic luster makes it a popular choice for many purposes. Car and clothing decoration . The outer coating is usually nickel (Ni), chromium(Cr) and packaging pipes.
3. This coating can also be used for Applications for military and aerospace It protects the suspension sliding surfaces of motorcycles and bicycles as well, and the damping shafts for remote-controlled toy cars.
4. This material is safe and compliant with FDA regulations, so it can be used frequently in. medical devices Sharpening scalpel blades, orthopedic bone saws, and directly as implants (especially hip replacement implant) and other medical implants.
5. You can use titanium-nitride films in microelectronics As a conductive barrier between active contacts and metal devices. Conductivity of the film can be formed when it is diffused in silicon metal.
6. This special blocking material also has the mechanical and chemical properties of a ceramic. This process is heavily used in current 45nm chips designs to improve transistor performance. This is the Batteries field by combining titanium oxide with a gate layer of dielectric material (eg. The HfSiO can improve the dielectric constant, increase the gate length, drive current, and threshold voltage.
7. High biostability allows for extended use of the alloy. Bioelectronic Electrodes , such as the prosthesis project under the retina and the micro-electro-mechanical system (bio-mems) in biomedicine, which enables intelligent implants or in vivo biosensors to withstand severe humoral corrosion.

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