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Physical and chemical properties of cobalt phosphide Physical properties
Cobalt phosphide is gray needle-like. Its relative density (15degC) is 6.14. The melting point is 1386degC. It is an efficient, stable and cheap transition metal phosphide.
Chemical material
Cobalt phosphide is soluble in nitric acid and aqua regia but insoluble in water. Cobalt phosphide (CO2P) is an intercalation compound formed by the phosphorus source entering the transition metal cobalt lattice. Cobalt phosphide can be used for magnetism, lithium battery anode material, hydrogenation catalysis and photocatalytic degradation, etc. Cobalt phosphide is a semiconductor material with a low bandgap, high thermal stability, chemical stability, strong electrical conductivity and high-efficiency catalytic performance, which meets the requirements of preparing high-efficiency water-splitting catalysts.
Purity and particle size parameters of cobalt phosphide:
Purity: 99.99%
Particle size: -60 mesh
Bulk density: 6.14 (g/cm3)

How is cobalt phosphide Co2P powder produced?
Oil bath
Trityl phosphorus is used as a phosphorus source to synthesize phosphate, which can be obtained in an organic mixture by thermal decomposition of metal phosphate. When tri octyl phosphorus is used as a phosphorus source in the reaction, it is easy to cause the agglomeration of the cobalt phosphate nanowires produced.
Hydrogen reduction
Since the bond between phosphorus and oxygen is stronger, phosphorus formation and oxygen metal and phosphorus bond only occur at high temperatures if the bond is broken, However, this process is easy to form metal particles, and the formation of metal particles greatly enhances the adsorption of hydrogen At the same time, the metal overflowed with phosphate, causing the phosphate to be reduced to phosphide. However, due to the high sintering temperature, the synthesis of phosphate via phosphate usually results in the formation of large grains mostly.
The relatively mild and simple hypophosphite pathway, that is, the decomposition of sodium hypophosphite by heating at high temperature (300-400degC), the toxic PH3 generated in situ will reduce the source of metal.
Element preparation method
Under hydrothermal conditions (140-200degC), phosphorus is used to prepare metal phosphides. Elemental phosphorus uses white phosphorus, yellow phosphorus and red phosphorus as phosphorus sources.

The price of cobalt phosphide
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