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Fused silica is made up of high quality fused silica, which has been crushed in a vibrating mill or jet mill. Then it’s classified. Fused silica powder has high performance characteristics such as a low expansion coefficient, low stress and chemical corrosion resistance. Fused silicon powder offers good radioactivity, electrical radiation, and other advantages.

Which industries use fused silica?

A fused silica dust can be used to fill cracks between cement particles. The hydration product will also gel the powder and the gel reacts with the magnesium oxide alkaline compound to make a gel. Mixing mortar with sufficient amounts of silica fume in cement-based concrete can have the following functions: 1.Fused Silica Micropowder dramatically improves the compression resistance, flexibility resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance. 2. Fused silicon powder serves the purpose of holding water. It prevents segregation and bleeding. This also reduces the resistance of concrete pumps. The service life of concrete can be greatly extended with the use of a fused silicon powder. 4.Fused Silicon Powder is used to reduce landing dust from sprayed concrete, castables, or increase the thickness of one sprayed layer. 5. Fused silicon powder, a component of concrete with high strength and durability, has been utilized in concrete engineering C150. 6. Using bonded silicon powder in concrete can produce a five-fold increase in the strength and cost effectiveness of cement. 7. Unstable concrete alkali and aggregate reaction can be effectively prevented with a fused silicon powder 8.Fused silicon powder may improve the compressibility of castable refractories. Mullite phase can be formed when it coexists with Al2O3. This improves its thermal shock resistance and high temperature resistance. Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional fusiond silica molasses manufacturer with over 12 years’ experience in chemical product development and research. Send an inquiry if you’re looking for fused silica powder of high quality.
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