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Selenide properties Selenides are compounds that contain selenium ions. Se2- is similar to sulfides in that it can only exist when strong alkaline solution exists. In neutral solution, HSe+ is formed, while acid solutions form H2Se. Some selenides easily react with air oxygen, while metal selenides dissolve more easily than sulfides. Active metal selenide can be prone to oxidation, or dissolves reaction. Aluminum selenide can oxidize in moist atmosphere and dissolve rapidly, releasing highly poisonous dissolve selenide gases.
Selenide minerals: types and forms
Selenide minerals co-exist in most cases with sulfide mineral. Selenide minerals include white and red selenite. Polyselenide, a compound that contains the Sen2- anion, is called polyselenide. These compounds can be made by eutecticizing elements in quartz tubes.

What types of selenide exist? powder ?
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Is selenide poisonous?
Selenium acts as an antagonist to some toxic substances. It detoxifies heavy metals, such as mercury and lead. It can also reduce or delay lipofuscin production, slow down the aging of cells, and help the body to absorb and organize iodine. Nevertheless, an excessive intake of selenium inorganic will cause toxic conditions including hair loss and decayed nails. How do I extinguish the selenide flame? If cyanide, phosphide or selenide catch on fire, the only way to extinguish the fire is with water mist and carbon dioxide.

Bismuth Selenide: A new material that is leading the revolution in semiconductors
Researchers used bismuth selenide. The researchers also used “sputtering,” a thin film depositing technique that is triggered by the exchange of momentum between ions and the atoms within the target material. It is the very first time sputtering has been used for topological insulator material that can be used by the magnetic materials and semiconductor industries. Sputtering produces nanoparticles that are smaller than six nanometers. This layer changes the behavior and physical properties of the material. Researchers discovered that this material has 18 times the efficiency of existing materials for computing processing and memory.

Selenide is a very expensive material Powder ?
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