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Stannic sulfide SnS2 is a compound inorganic with a formula of SnS2. It is a yellow hexagonal flakes with a CdI2 crystalline structure.
Stannic Sulfide powder: Properties
Stannic Sulfide has a low solubility in water. It is, however, soluble when mixed with aqua regia or hot alkaline. Stannic Sulfide is used in golden paints.

Stannic Sulfide dissolves in aqua regia or hot alkali solution and can undergo coordination reactions with concentrated hydrochloric acids. It is insoluble, however, in water, nitric and dilute hydrochloric acids. Stannic Sulfide can be dissolved by ammonium sulfide.

Stannic Sulfide Application
Stannic Sulfide (SnS2), a van-der-Waals semiconductor with two-dimensional properties and excellent photoelectric characteristics, is one of the semiconductors with two-dimensional materials that have the fastest photoelectric reaction time. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The researchers used the traditional chemical transport method to examine the growth conditions in order to obtain high quality Fe-SnS2 crystals. After that, they obtained two-dimensional FeSnS2 sheets by mechanical lifting-off. The results of scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), which show Fe atoms evenly distributed, are in place for Sn.

Theoretical calculation shows that Fe-SnS2 magnetism comes from antiferromagnetic interactions between Fe and adjacent S, while the adjacent Fe atoms have ferromagnetic interactions. This results in long-range magnetic iron being formed by this magnetic atom doped material. Research shows that iron-doped, stannic sulfide may have applications in the future for nanoelectronics as well magnetism and optical electronics.

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