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The nano aluminum nitride is produced by aerosol ablation. It has high purity, small particles, large surface areas, and high surface activities. The powder that has been surface modified will not undergo hydrolysis and have a very low oxygen content. Insulation and thermal conductivity are very evident (0.01%). The viscosity does not show up when used in polymer resins. This is the current best filler to achieve high thermal conductivity insulation. The properties Nano Aluminium Nitroride

Nano-aluminum Nitride is a diamond like nitride that can be stabilised up to 2200 degrees. It has a high strength at room temperature and its strength increases slowly as the temperature rises. The resistivity is 1015. It can also withstand high temperatures of up to 1400 degrees. It can significantly improve the thermal conduction of silicone rubber and polymers. It is a thermal shock resistant material.

Nano aluminum nitride exhibits good properties for injection molding; it also has a high resistance to corrosion in molten metal.

A application of nano aluminium nitrogen

1. The materials can be used in the manufacture of electronic devices, optic devices, integrated circuits, crucibles at high temperatures, and high-temperature adhesives. It can replace the micron aluminum alloy currently imported.

2. Thermally-conductive silica and epoxy resins: Ultra-high-thermally-conductive silica prepared with nano-aluminum nitride is a silica-based gel that has excellent thermal conductivity. It also provides good electrical insulation. These include the space between the CPU radiator, high power transistors, thyristors components, diodes and the heat transfer material at the slits that are in contact with substrate. Nano thermal paste fills the gap between IC and heat sink. It also increases the area of contact between the two. This will improve heat dissipation.

3. Nano-ceramic antiwear agent and nano lubricating engine oil: The nano-ceramic engine oils contain modified nano aluminum-nitride ceramics that are added. These particles, when activated with high temperature and pressure, act to protect the metal surfaces from damage and repair them. The film layer has an isolation effect that prevents friction from affecting the other parts. The nano-ceramic particle changes the friction between friction pairs to a rolling friction. The engine is protected from wear by reducing friction and friction between moving components to near zero. By improving the lubrication it can reduce friction coefficient by over 80%. Increase the anti-wear abilities by more 350%. Only 2/10000 – 1/1000

4. The powdered nano aluminum nitride can be used to improve thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity in plastics can be improved by 10-30% using the experimental product. The main applications are PVC, polyurethane and PA plastics.

Other applications: Nano aluminum is used as a dielectric material, a high temperature insulating part, and in structural ceramics with high temperatures and corrosion resistance.

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