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The process of granulation has a long history and is used in various applications. Some of which include the creation of PVD spreads, producing copper wires and cables and in the production of high purity metal compounds.

The main receptacle for this material are industrial sectors such as those which refine copper waste, including cable and electrical offcuts. However, there are some instances where individuals can obtain granulated copper through their local scrap yard or metal recycler.

During the recycling process, a machine is often used called a granulator which strips insulated copper wire and makes short work of it, slicing it into smaller pieces ready to be melted for re-use. During the granulation process, any plastic insulation or other waste materials are separated and recycled as well.

This method of recycling scrap copper is widely used in industries which produce copper based products such as electronics and watches. This method has a number of benefits over traditional methods of recycling such as melting and welding copper to make products. This process is environmentally friendly and a great way of making use of waste copper which otherwise would be considered landfill. It also allows for a better price return from the scrap copper. This process is a great alternative to wasting valuable raw material and it is not uncommon for a variety of industries to use this method in order to maximise their profits.

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