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Molybdenum disulfide The main component in molybdenite is powder, which has the chemical formula MoS2. It is a dark solid powder that has a metallic sheen.

What property does molybdenum disulfide have?

The powder of molybdenum is not soluble with water, dilute sulfuric acid or other acids. It’s also generally insoluble with alkalis and organic solvents. But it’s soluble when heated to boiling concentrations sulfuric and aqua regia.
It is easy for copper to be corroded by molybdenum powder, due to its high active sulfur content. In many books and articles on lubricant add-ons, it is mentioned. When parts made of copper alloys and copper need to be greased, it’s not impossible to use lubricants containing molybdenum sulfide, but you can also add copper corrosion inhibitors.

Where is molybdenum diulfide used?

Molybdenum diulfide is a solid lubricant that can be used at high temperatures or pressures. It is diamagnetic and can be used to convert energy and as a semiconductor that shows P-type or -type conductivity. Molybdenum Disulfide may also be used to dehydrogenate complex hydrocarbons.

The molybdenum diulfide is also called the “king of advanced liquid lubricants.” Molybdenum powder is solid molybdenum that has been purified chemically and changed in molecular structure. This product is a black powder with a slight gray metallic luster. It’s slippery and not soluble in water. The product’s advantages are its good dispersibility, and that it is non-sticking. It can be mixed with various greases to produce a non-sticky, colloidal state. This can increase the lubricity of the grease and its extreme pressure. It is suitable for mechanical working conditions with high temperatures, pressures, speeds and loads.

Its main purpose in friction materials is reducing friction at low temperature, increasing friction at higher temperatures and having a small loss during ignition. It is volatile in friction materials.

As well, molybdenum diulfide powder is a potential new material to be used in the manufacture of transistors. In comparison with graphene (also a 2-dimensional material), molybdenum diulfide is has an energy gap of 1.8eV. Graphene lacks an energy gap. The application of molybdenum diulfide in nano-transistors is therefore very broad.

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